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1  Introduction
    1.1  Other documents
2  Useful Links
    2.1  ADFA
    2.2  Monash
    2.3  TU Delft
    2.4  Physics
        2.4.1  Other publishers
        2.4.2  Some Facilities and Organisations
        2.4.3  Useful Software
        2.4.4  Equipment Suppliers
    2.5  Australian
        2.5.1  Bushwalking
    2.6  The Netherlands
    2.7  Travel
    2.8  Books
    2.9  Photography
3  World War One Aviation
    4.1  TEX  related
    4.2  Generally useful LATEX styles
    4.3  Physics related LATEX styles
5  About this page

1  Introduction

I completed both BSc and MSc degrees at the former Department of Physics, now School of Physics, Monash University and a PhD with Glen Stewart at the former School of Physics, now part of PEMS, ADFA (academically part of UNSW). I worked as a postdoc at ADFA with Don Chaplin and Wayne Hutchison. In 2000 I worked in the Netherlands as a postdoc with Paul Gubbens at IRI.
As a matter of military interest I have scans of a small selection of photographs taken by my father during the Korean War while serving with 77 Squadron RAAF as Engineering Officer at Kimpo and Seoul in Korea. Additionally some taken in Japan at Iwakuni, Kintai and Tokyo.

1.1  Other documents

Some useful documents in, mainly in pdf format. My own documents were created from LATEX source using either pdflatex or dvips plus ps2pdf (part of ghostscript). The version of pdflatex I used is that which came with the Texlive CD-ROM. Some documents are linked off site.

2  Useful Links

This shows a collection of sites that I have found interesting or useful.

2.1  ADFA

2.2  Monash

2.3  TU Delft

2.4  Physics

2.4.1  Other publishers

2.4.2  Some Facilities and Organisations

2.4.3  Useful Software

The following programs are useful and either free or shareware.

2.4.4  Equipment Suppliers

2.5  Australian

Some useful/interesting sites in Australia.

2.5.1  Bushwalking

2.6  The Netherlands

2.7  Travel

2.8  Books

2.9  Photography

I use an old manual Minolta SRT-101 with the Minolta 28 mm f/2.8, 35-70 mm f/3.5, 58 mm f/1.4, 135 mm f/3.5, 200 mm f/4 and 300 mm f/4.5 lenses plus the Vivitar extension tube set. See the Minolta User's Group (MUG: nl, us) for more information. See also PhotoZone, and Tony Spadaro.
Initially I had my slides and negatives digitised commercially. More recently I bought an ACER (now BENQ) ScanWit 2720S film scanner. I use Ed Hamrick's Vuescan which is much superior to the supplied scanning software. A useful site for information on scanning is Wayne Fulton's Scantips.

3  World War One Aviation

Some performance data for WWI aircraft taken from various sources is given in this document. These can be compared, for the British, with an article of unknown provenance and a 1920 Flight table. Some summaries of British aircraft test results of which the first fourteen are of interest for WWI (14 MB, 64 pages). A STAe test report on a captured Fokker DVII is of interest. The Cranfield Aerade site includes some translated German WWI documents through the Cranfield searchable NACA archive and some ACA/ARC technical reports. A searchable archive of scanned images of Flight Magazine.
Some notes I took when reading Hooton's War over the Trenches; also available in a spreadsheet format.


I have been a satisfied user of TEX and friends since the late 1980's, particularly LATEX. LATEX is a set of macros based on the TEX typesetting language, both of which are available in free, shareware and commercial versions for most platforms (e.g. unix, VMS, DOS, Windows and Mac). Most of these implementations are described on the TEX Users Group homepage (see section 4.1). I wrote a local thesis style adfathesis.cls which can also be obtained from Comprehensive TEX Archive Network (CTAN) sites and mirrors, in particular try the UNSW CTAN mirror (see section 4.1). Another style that may be useful locally is a modification of the standard letter class to have a letterhead that is a reasonable approximation to the ADFA letterhead (we don't have the Optima font on the Physics computer). This is phsletter.cls with it's options fax and memo. This class may be modified to suit other departments and may be obtained from,

4.1  TEX related

Some useful TEX and LATEX related links are given below.

4.2  Generally useful LATEX styles

4.3  Physics related LATEX styles

There are classes for electronic or manual submission of articles to a wide range of journals, in particular Many other packages for various journals are available at CTAN ftp sites or from the journals themselves.

5  About this page

This page was written in LATEX and converted to html using tth. If you don't see a greek alpha: α, then click here to see how to correct the problem in your browser.

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