Photographs near or at Hadrian's Wall: 11–13th July 2000

These photographs were taken on a trip to Hadrian's wall after a series of measurements at ISIS, 11th to 13th of July, 2000. First part. Minolta SRT-101, 58mm f/1.4 lens, Kodak Gold 400 series 6 negatives. Copyright © SJ Harker.

[Castle wall] [St Cuthbert's] [Carlisle Keep] [Castle wall]

Carlisle castle wall, 11/7/2000

1: St Cuthbert's, Carlisle, 11/7/2000

3: Carlisle castle wall, 11/7/2000

4: Carlisle Castle and keep, 11/7/2000

[Gateway] [Castle and Keep] [Town wall] [View]

5: Gateway near Carlisle Cathedral, 11/7/2000

6: Carlisle castle and Keep, 11/7/2000

7: Town wall adjoining the Castle, Carlisle, 11/7/2000

8: View from the Keep of Carlisle castle, 11/7/2000

[View north] [Gate tower] [View south] [Inner bailey]

9: View to the north from the Keep of Carlisle castle, 11/7/2000

10: Carlisle castle Gate tower to left, 11/7/2000

11: View to south over Carlisle from Keep, 11/7/2000

12: Inner bailey, Carlisle castle, 11/7/2000

[Gatehouse] [View to Vindolanda] [Bath-house, mansio] [Late fort, Vindolanda]

13: Gatehouse of inner bailey (right) and Keep (left) 11/7/2000

14: Vindolanda fort in dip, see reproduction turrets, 12/7/2000

15: Bath house in mansio, Vindolanda fort, 11/7/2000

16: Section of wall of late fort, Vindolanda, 12/7/2000

[View across Vindolanda] [Gateway] [Vindolanda] [Roman milestone]

17: View across Vindolanda: commanders quarters and barracks to reproduction stone and turf turrets/wall, 12/7/2000

18: Gateway to Vindolanda fort, 12/7/2000

19: Vindolanda fort, 12/7/2000

20: Only surviving Roman milestone on Staneway in original position 12/7/2000

[Milking Gap] [Wall west of Housesteads] [View east of Housesteads] [Housesteads north gate]

21: View towards Milking Gap and the wall, 12/7/2000

22: Section of wall and crags, view to west, 12/7/2000

23: View to East along wall, 12/7/2000

24: Housesteads fort north gate, 12/7/2000

[Wall and crags] [Latrines] [Housesteads] [view west]

25: Hadrian's Wall east of Housesteads, 12/7/2000

26: Flushing latrines at Housesteads fort, 12/7/2000

27: Housesteads fort from south, 12/7/2000

28: View to west along wall, 12/7/2000

[Milecastle] [Milecastle 39] [Turret] [View to Crag Lough]

29: Milecastle on Hadrian's wall – gateway in good condition, 12/7/2000

30: Milecastle 39 near Crag Lough 12/7/2000

31: Turret near Once Brewed, 12/7/2000

32: View back along Hadrian's wall to Crag Lough, 12/7/2000

[View east] [View west] [View west] [View east]

33: View back along Hadrian's wall towards Crag Lough, ditch to north of wall is visible, 12/7/2000

34: View to west, 13/7/2000

35: View to west, 13/7/2000

36: View back to east along Hadrian's wall to Crag Lough, 13/7/2000